Criteriums - Fri 26th May 2017

Schools Races

We’ve teamed up with Ceredigion Actif and the 5×60 schools initiative, via Ceredigion County Council to offer childrens races for all schools within the county, both primary and secondary.

Each school headteacher has been given instructions on how to enter pupils online, and provide those pupils with a paper entry form & parental consent form which must be signed and returned to the school prior to race day.

If your child wants to race, please contact your school head teacher.

  • Schools will then be required to enter pupil data via our online form.
  • Entry only £2.50 (please pay your school)
  • 1km Traffic free circuit
  • Prizes
  • Any bikes can be used (in working order)
  • Sanctioned & Insured by Welsh Cycling

Parents & Rider Information

  • Upon arrival, children & teachers should gather on Marine Terrace
    (outside the Seafront Palace Chinese Restaurant) and await their races via
    our PA announcer and stewards’ instructions.
  • Each child will have had their number given to them via their school
    prior to race day. The number should be attached to the child’s back and
    should not to be obstructed by a coat hood or long hair, as judges will
    be unable to place riders if the number is obstructed. Please also ensure
    that the number is affixed with at least four safety pins, which will also be
    provided by the school.
  • We will have an enquiries Portable cabin as usual (just by the Pier), but
    there is no need for children to register here as registration will have
    been done, via the schools prior to race day.
  • Any teachers or parents with questions are welcome to come to the
    Portacabin where our staff will be happy to help.
  • Each race will be announced by our race commentator. When instructed,
    children should gather at our holding pens on Pier corner and wait to be
    called onto the race course, clockwise towards the start line in Pier Street.
  • The race commissaire will line the riders up on the start line and issue
    instructions on race length, safety and riding conduct. Riders will then
    await for the start hooter and off they go!
  • Once each race has finished, riders will be escorted back to the
    promenade podium area via Castle Street. Please follow our marshals
    instructions. Presentations will then commence after each race.
  • The next race can then start as soon as the course is clear.

Please ensure that each rider has a correctly fitted helmet, i.e. correct
size, straps are secure

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