Criteriums - Sat 25th May 2019



Registration is managed by British Cycling, click the register button above.

Registration for 2019 – School teacher and parents can enter their children via our schools races page.

All instructions are now located on the schools page. Racing starts at 10am.

Numbers will be sent out to each school in the days leading up to the race, along with an event program which will display each child’s entry.

All children should arrive at the event with number already attached to clothing (fitted to rear of coat/t-shirt and clearly visible, and not obscured by hoods/hair etc).

Please ensure your child has their number with them on race day. No number, no ride!

Each schools adult representative/ parent will be required to sign in on behalf of their riders on the day and present our registration team with the parental consent forms and paper entry forms (which we need to keep for insurance purposes).

Children are NOT required to enter the registration portable cabin this year!

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