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Important Volunteer Information

A Marshal’s Role – to keep riders, pedestrians and motorists safe throughout the duration of the event.

Always remember to report back to the HQ at the end of your shift

Important Information

  • You are the “eyes and ears” for the race organisers – be vigilant
  • 2 marshals at either side of crossing points at all times
  • Always wear your high vis jacket
  • Use your whistle to inform spectators of bikes approaching
  • Be aware of your nearest first aid point
  • Never leave your post until instructed to do so, handover between shifts will be done on-course
  • Prevent children from climbing on the barriers
  • Cooperate with the emergency services as necessary
  • Comply promptly with any instruction given in an emergency by a member of the Aber Cycle Fest staff
  • Report anything dangerous or suspicious to the nearest Aber Cycle Fest staff
  • Take any lost property to the race HQ at the end of your shift
  • Signal approaching riders to slow down if there is an incident/obstruction on the course
  • Remove any rubbish from the course, when safe to do so

And remember, keep smiling 🙂

  • Be polite, courteous and helpful to all members of the public
  • Keep hydrated and fed, and be careful of the heat if it’s a sunny day
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